Pricing Information:
$80/head to slaughter (minimum charge of 500lbs per steer)
$.65/lb to cut and wrap based on hot, hanging weight
All cuts are vacuum sealed in 1 lb packages or larger. 
All beef will be aged for 14 days based upon work load at time of year. Split sides of beef(quarters) must be cut exactly the same.
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Cutting Instructions: Please select each type of cut that you would like.
 Chuck Steak   
 Chuck Roast 
    Bone-in Boneless  
 Cross Rib Roast  
 Shoulder London Broil  
    Stew Ground Beef  
 Rib Steak
 Rib Roast
        # of Ribs  
Short Ribs
 Flank Steak
 Porterhouse Steak
 Sirloin Steak
 Top Round Roast
 Top Round London Broil
 Top Sirloin Roast
 Top Sirloin London Broil
 Bottom Round Roast
 Eye Round Roast
    Whole Half  
 Stew Beef  
 Ground Beef 
 Shank Meat 
     For Soup  For Dog 
 Beef Liver  
Extra Services: Please select any that you would like to add. 
 6pk Ground Beef Patties ($.60/lb extra)  
 4pk Ground Beef Patties ($.75/lb extra) 
 Hot Dogs ($2.50/lb extra)  
 Snack Sticks ($2.50/lb extra)  
 Salamis ($2.50/lb extra)   
 Kielbasa ($2.50/lb extra)  
 Pepperoni ($2.50/lb extra) 
Would you like to add pork to any of the above sausages for $1.00/lb. extra?
 Yes   No  
** All extra pricing is based on finished weight. There is a 50lb. order minimum.
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