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Pathfinder Staff Manual
The 2007 edition outlines club philosophy, club organization, club programming (including Induction and Investature programs), staff events, and camping. The Pathfinder Staff Manual is a must for leaders who are going to have a first-class club.

Pathfinder Pocket Guide
The Pathfinder Pocket Guide is packed with facts and data that will give you an edge in your club, in school and at home. Includes a place to record notes from your first camporee, an honor log, space for autographs and a birding record.

Pathfinder Logbook
This book is all about Pathfinders – what you think, feel, and do. Each section of the book guides you in recording exciting Pathfinder activities. It also gives you a place to record personal information and monitor your fitness. And most important, it lets you keep track of your daily journey with Jesus.

Pathfinder Bible
The 2004 hardcover edition of the Pathfinder Bible is in the New King James version. This edition includes 16 pages of resources that are particularly helpful for Pathfinders.

Devotions for the Pathfinder Pledge and Law
From stories of the kindness of the cape buffalo to the intricacies of feathers, this book teaches valuable lessons about what it means to be a Pathfinder. Each devotional includes suggestions for visual aids. Whether you are a member of a Pathfinder club, a club leader, or a parent, this book will help you bring the Pathfinder Pledge and Law to life.

Pathfinder Club Director Quick Start Guide
This Quick Start Guide for Pathfinder Club leaders is full of important information to help you start or revitalize a Pathfinder Club in your church. This guide contains a job description, instructions for getting started, tips for maintaining a successful ministry, troubleshooting suggestions, recommended resources, and more.

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