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Children's Ministries Coordinator Ministry Description

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Children’s Ministries Manual
Discover the ages and stages of childhood learning, simple steps for leading a child to Jesus, preferred learning styles, exciting Bible learning activities, ministering to children with special needs, and how to recruit and keep volunteers. Features personal inventories, charts, graphs, and "disruption preventers."

Family Friendly Church Seminar
The Family Friendly Church begins with the recognition that parents are the primary influence on a child's faith development. Also, included in this resource are four complete seminars with Powerpoint slides, questions to ask when evaluating your church, worksheets to help with the change process and a listing of helpful resources.

Putting Families First
This book is a guide that will help you focus on creating the main ingredient for a healthy church: healthy families. From making sermon time more kid-friendly to involving parents in children's Sabbath school, this book offers the necessary guidance and steps for creating and maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere.

Children in Worship
Children in Worship is for children's ministries leaders, worship coordinators, pastors, and parents who want to make worship more kid-friendly! Included also are guidelines for creative children's worship, details on the three most important things we can teach kids about God, and instructions on how to distinguish different learning styles and types of intelligence, and how to plan an active lesson to reach all kids.

Children's Ministries Coordinator Quick Start Guide
The children's ministries coordinator is vital to a dynamic children's ministry in your church. The Quick Start Guide is an overview of the responsibilities for the coordinator and ideas for how children's ministries can become vital in your church.

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