Snack Shack: Xperience and enjoy tasty snacks that will help reinforce the Bible stories

Welcome to the Snack Shack. This is an essential and important part of your VBX. Some kids come very hungry, so if your church has the ability to serve a meal, that would be great. Food banks, local businesses, or church members may be happy to supplement your daily needs. We've made efforts to choose healthy snacks that will reinforce your lesson plans. For those of you who have limited time, you may choose to make a snack bag and serve during crafts or another part of your program.

Each day we will review the Bible Action Point:

  • Jesus accepts me, I accept you.
  • Jesus cares for me, I care for you.
  • Jesus is with me, I am with you.
  • Jesus forgives me, I forgive you.
  • Jesus believes in me, I believe in you.

Daily Schedule

Day 1: Breadsticks and
Dipping Sauces

Day 2: Heart-shaped
Banana Bread

Day 3: Taco Boat

Day 4: Cross Fruit Kabob
Day 5: Fruit Parfait